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Laboratory (Living Lab/Ishikawadai Building 3rd Floor/ Room 402)

This is a laboratory that simulates a living environment. We will recreate an externally affiliated nursery school, home, etc., collect basic data, and support to transfer technology to a real environment.

Injury Prevention Study Group (Injury Prevention Ryozanpaku), Data Utilization Design Study Group

  • The Injury Prevention Research Group (CIPEC) has been holding weekly meetings for over 16 years since 2004. Doctors, engineering researchers, public health researchers, child development researchers, government officials, media personnel, and others freely and actively exchange information. We also ask for opinions from practitioners by presenting topics for graduation and master's theses.

  • The Data Utilization Design Study Group, together with the Tokyo Fire Department and the Japan Industrial Designers Association, is conducting research on new designs that utilize big data. This has a track record of 9 years since 2011.


Connected Living Lab

In the field of ground-based research, it has been pointed out that effectiveness in the laboratory and effectiveness in the field are dissociated. We aim to use a mathematical approach to explore important variables regarding "situation" by using realistic living lab and laboratory simulation environments in a back-and-forth way.

Kawasaki Welltech (Satellite Lab)

In collaboration with Kawasaki City, we are promoting a project that aims to innovate welfare equipment and life support equipment for people who continue to change their physical and cognitive functions.

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